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What is an ARNYBARN?

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

What is arnybarn ?

My whole name is Arnold David Colvin, named for my GrandDad, Arnold David Stapleton.

He called me "Little A.D."

Anyway, through my elementary and high school career I was "David". When I went to Illinois State University I lived in the dorm at 1032 Manchester Hall.

The first day of college, they had placed everyone's name on their doors. For my door the had "Arnold Colvin" I took it off as soon as I got there but during the first "Floor meeting" someone said, "I saw an Arnold, which one is he?" Well, everyone seemed to think Arnold was a funny name and from that point on I was "Arnie"

My 2nd roommate, Mike, started calling me ArnWa, ArnsBarger, and other various derivations of the name. One of those versions was Arnie Barney and that seem to stick - especially with my girlfriend and future wife. Arnie Barney eventually scaled down to ArnyBarn and that is what is has been ever since.

But you can call me Dave...... :>)

Why ARIZONA DRIVE" for the ASCAP arm of the company ?

When I published the song “I Wanna Be Your Girl” written by Heather Cohen and Jeff Wilbanks, Jeff is affiliated with ASCAP so to handle publishing I needed to create a sister company for BMI’s Arnybarn Music.

After trying to come up with ideas for a name, my wife, Debbie, came up with the idea “Arizona Drive Music” Arizona Drive is the street she and I lived on when we met in Decatur Illinois when we were around 10 years old! We both thought it was the perfect name for the ASCAP company!

Why "BITTERSWEET CREEK" for the SESAC arm of the company came from a song Debbie and I wrote of the same name!

WELCOME to the Arnybarn Music Group!!!

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