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Dave Colvin here: I am currently working on a 12-song recording project tentatively titled,” Stuck In The ‘70’s”. I am revisiting songs I wrote back in the 1970’s when I was a late teen-early 20 something songwriter. The melodies (in my humble opinion) were some of the best I’ve ever written but the lyrics were those of a youngster who had not experienced the world at large! Some lyrics are getting a total re-write while others are just being polished and edited to hopefully have them make more sense. A couple of songs had structural problems which have now been fixed and some I left as they were originally written because back then not all songs followed a verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus structure.

I started this project several times over the years but set it aside when more current songs needed my attention. The current status of,” Stuck In The ‘70’s”, is that I have the instrument tracks for 11 songs laid down with scratch vocal tracks. Scratch vocal tracks are recorded to help line up when the other tracks need to be introduced – kind of a place holder for the instrument tracks. My process is to get the instrument tracks finished before I take the time to make the vocals the best I can sing! After the vocals have been finalized, I then mix the tracks and the master them to a final recording. If I am not happy with my mixing of the tracks, I am fortunate to have many recording engineer friends I can reach out to!

I thought I’d share a couple of clips of a song titled, “Doesn’t Anyone Fall In Love Anymore?” written around 1975. The first clip is of me playing the opening intro

and the second is that same intro segment but it is the early tracks I’ve recorded that shows the type of enhancements that can be made using the Logic Pro X recording software.

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