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"Where the Magic Happens"

Brief tour of the humble Arnybarn Music Group Office/Studio

"This Side Of Love"  2012 
  Artist: Madalyn McHugh   

    Songwriters: Greg Shields,
     Bobby Rennert, Dave Colvin
"Wherever Love Takes Us" 2016            Artist : Drake Jensen 
Songwriter:  John Rose
     "YOU ARE LIVING ON"     
             Ronan Parke                              "POP version"    2018
Songwriter:  Dave Colvin
"What Grace Is"      2016
        Artist : Sara King
   Songwriter: Greg Shields
     "YOU ARE LIVING ON-                   Country version"    2016
Songwriter:  Dave Colvin
   "LIVE YOUR TRUTH" 2019 
     Artist : Debbie Anthony
Songwriter:  Karen Loveless
Videos of Song Cuts!

Music Videos

                   "HAY" 2019 
     Artist : Janie Nattier
Songwriter:  Jamie Nattier
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