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Located in Brentwood, TN, the Arnybarn Music Group manages the extensive song catalog of songwriter Dave Colvin and pitching the songs of several other Songwriters (along with their co-writers) through the music publishing companies; Arnybarn Music (BMI) and Arizona Drive Music (ASCAP) and Bittersweet Creek Music (SESAC).
Music Publishing: our main goal here at arnybarnmusicgroup is making sure all aspects of the songs in our catalog have  been taken care of. 
With several cuts and songs on hold, our small but growing music publishing company is well positioned for future growth! For your next project check our Song Catalog!
               "ARNYBARN MUSIC"
Our BMI arm of our publishing group!

Latest News

Recent songs added to our catalog!

Excited to add 4 Songs written by  JAMIE TRENT to our catalog!
New song by Scott Joyce:

New song by Karen Loveless "GRANDPA'S SONG"
New song by Karen Loveless & Scott Joyce "LORD MAY YOU HEAR MY PRAYER"

FOUR songs from our catalog placed on HOLD as potential cuts!!


Arizona Drive Music (ASCAP) logo
"ARIZONA DRIVE MUSIC"       Our ASCAP arm of our              publishing group!
Bittersweet Creek Music (SESAC) logo
Our SESAC arm of our publishing group!
Videos of Song Cuts!
"What Grace Is"      2016
        Artist : Sara King
   Songwriter: Greg Shields
"Wherever Love Takes Us" 2016            Artist : Drake Jensen 
Songwriter:  John Rose
   "LIVE YOUR TRUTH" 2019 
     Artist : Debbie Anthony
Songwriter:  Karen Loveless
                   "HAY" 2019 
     Artist : Janie Nattier
Songwriter:  Jamie Nattier
"This Side Of Love"  2012 
  Artist: Madalyn McHugh   

    Songwriters: Greg Shields,
     Bobby Rennert, Dave Colvin
     "YOU ARE LIVING ON-                   Country version"    2016
Songwriter:  Dave Colvin
     "YOU ARE LIVING ON"     
             Ronan Parke                              "POP version"    2018
Songwriter:  Dave Colvin
          "Love Grows Wild" 2014 
     Artist : Luke Robinson
ongwriters:  Jamie Nattier/Bob Bishop
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